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Daniel Ward: Athletic Director/ Head Football Coach -


Weekly Warrior athletic Bulletin

Date Day Sport Opponent Location Levels Time Release Bus Time
18-Jan Tuesday Soccer Colusa Winters V 3:15 2:00  
18-Jan Tuesday Boys Basketball Pierce Pierce JV/V 5:30/7:00   4:00
18-Jan Tuesday Girls Basketball Pierce Winters JV/V 5:30/7:00    
19-Jan Wednesday Boys Basketball Williams Williams JV/V 5:30/7:00   3:45
19-Jan Wednesday Girls Basketball Williams Winters JV/V 5:30/7:00    
20-Jan Thursday Boys Soccer Los Molinos Los Molinos V 3:15 12:15 12:30
21-Jan Friday Boys Basketball Durham Winters JV/V 5:30/7:00    
21-Jan Friday Girls Basketball Durham Durham JV/V 5:30/7:00 2:45 3:00


Indoor Mask Rules

We will be following the newest CDPH guidelines that were released on November 24th and we would appreciate your support and help as we will do our best to enforce these guidelines to make sure our athletes are able to compete this season. Below is what will be required from our county in order for us to play basketball this season:

  • Masks will be required at all times for all referees, coaches, and any other support staff.

  • Masks will be required at all times for all spectators and observers. 

  • Masks will be required whenever athletes are not actively playing. Most importantly, this includes while they are on the bench. 

  • While athletes are playing, masks are encouraged but not mandatory. If masks are not worn due to heavy exertion, then those athletes must undergo screening testing at least once weekly.

The WHS Administration will be present for all athletic contests and we will provide masks, hand sanitizer and information to families as needed. Our goal is to have fun, compete at a high level, and continue to keep our students and athletes safe.


Sports update

Spring Sports Updates


Baseball Practice began last Monday. Practices are at 3:30 at the Varsity baseball field.


Softball practice will begin Monday 1/24 at 3:45 at Shirley Rominger. For information contact Buddy Berry at


Track will begin practice Wednesday 1/26 at 3:45 at the Track. For more information contact Chris Kays at


All athletes will need to have all paperwork on file with the Athletic Director before they are allowed to practice. Athletic Handbooks are available in the office and on the school website.



Athletic Handbook

Dear Athletes and Parents,

If you are interested in playing a sport here at Winters High School make sure you print out our "Athletic Handbook" and have all forms filled out and ready to turn in before the first day of fall practice.  Athletes will not be allowed to practice until all forms are on file with our Athletic Director.  We are hoping that this handbook will make our goals, rules and athletic information easier and more accessible for everyone.  Please review all information together and return pages 12-19 to your coach or to Mr. Ward.


The forms that need to be returned prior to participation in sports are:

  • NSCIF Concussion Information Sheet
  • Acknowledgement/ Consent of the WHS Athletic Handbook
  • Release of Liability and photocopy of the athletes insurance card
  • Student Athlete Emergency Card Form
  • Physical

Please email Mr. Ward at if you have any questions or concerns


Thank you,

Daniel Ward

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