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Freshmen - Fundraising activities, Homecoming, and Youth Day floats, planning and chaperoning the MORP dance, chaperoning the Back to School Dance.

Lead Advisor: Andrea Hurst

Sophomores - Fundraising activities, Homecoming and Youth Day floats, planning and chaperon the Back to School Dance, chaperoning MORP.

Lead Advisor: Mike Challender

Juniors – Provide Concessions for football games; fundraising activities (other than concessions), Homecoming and Youth Day floats, chaperon Powder Puff football practices and game, plan Winter Ball, chaperoning Prom, assign graduation escorts and ushers, determine the venue for your class’s senior trip and prom before the year’s end, organize senior sendoff. 

Lead Advisor: Kari Mann

Seniors - Fundraising activities, Homecoming float and Youth Day float, plan and chaperone Prom, chaperone Powder Puff football practices and game, chaperone Winter Ball, senior trip, Grad Night liaison (Head Advisor), senior breakfast, senior awards night refreshments and setup.

Lead Advisor: Jim Stark